This project was the brainchild of my husband’s and mine but it got created also thanks to the work of a lot of people and the professionalism of the artisans of this place.

Just to name a few:

Daniele Coricciati

From Apulia, a special thanks to the person that with his pictures managed to really capture the beauty of the nature of this place and of all that it contains.

Nino Piccolo

Architect, originally from Milan, now in Apulia, for passion, he has been able to give voice and life to our thoughts and requirements, creating this beautiful project that gets his form inspiration from nature, glorifying it.

He managed to listen with his heart to this generous land.

Laura Pogliani

Also from Milan, in love with Apulia, she is a renown researcher of textures, of colours-not colours, of prestigious and artisanal patterns. Her choices are the result of her passion that makes her travel to find the best laboratories and factories.

Gianni Losavio

From Apulia, artisan and philosoph/electrician he has managed to transform the total darkness of the countryside in a welcoming place, where the lights seem to caress in such a natural way the olive trees that makes then even more beautiful.

Nicola Lomartire

From Apulia, versatile artisan, he works multiple fields from wood to heating components.

Quirico Camarda

Also from Apulia, Rino for friends, blacksmith and artist, to him iron doesn’t have any secrets.

Martino Mizzi

From Apulia, he has supervised all plumbing works.

Giovanni Pezzolla e Agostino Prete

They have taken care of the masonry works.

Giovanni Zizzi e Antonio Galeone

They have shaped the gardens.

Beatrice Barros Castro (Beabarcas)

For the first time in Apulia, the youngest of the group, with her strong and steady hand she has produced the painting on the kitchen wall. Below I attach the video of her working on it.